Minyo Station

“Contemporary Style of
Japanese Folk Music”
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In 2008,  Minyo Station was established. Yu is also the leader and band music arranger for “Minyo Station”, a Fusion Japanese Folk Music group, which was formed by members who wanted to share Minyo in a fusion style, combining traditional instruments (Shamisen, Taisho Koto, Taiko, & Kane) with western instruments (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Conga, & Harmonica).

Yu produced their 1st CD "Cultural Twist".
His natural ability in creating sounds that enhance each traditional song is unique. His arrangements are inspiring with different styles, such as, Jazz, Reggae, Rock, Swing & etc. With the creativity of Yu & his fellow band mates, Minyo Station is continuously moving forward with much energy & spirit!  Within the past years, he has performed at many Jazz & Cultural Festivals, Music Theatres, Hotel Parties, Restaurants, Cafés, and Clubs. .   

MinyoStationAdvisor: MatsutoyoSato of MatsutoyoKai est. 1966

“This project is supported, in part, by the Los Angleles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angleles County Arts Commission.”